Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Enough of men!

Ok I'm a lil down about men and the male species, stuff that has happened to me and folks I know, so I'm not going to talk about men for a min. Sigh, some are really sick, stoooooooopid bastards!!!

I think I want my next post to focus of me, my family and background, I think its pretty unique and different from most Nigerians, and I'd love to share!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

More on last weekend

Sigh so the lil kid from yesterday died, the sad thing is that after a while in medicine, you see a number of deaths, you sort of become desensitized to it all. You see the parents screaming and wailing as you tell them the sad news, and see the pain in their eyes, but you cant feel the pain. 2secs later, you are eating your sandwich, and 2hrs later you're grateful to go home, so you can soak your feet and rest, maybe pop in a movie, and get comfy. Basically life continues...

Sorry had to digress but back to last weekend

Basically we stole the spotlight at the party. I mean not tooting my own horn but I'm a bad dancer, as in I won all the talent competitions from elementary schl till college, I was in all the dance groups, I can hold it down! So DJ starts playing this hiphop-dancehall mix, and I was windng, and making things move in directions that even surprised me. It was one of those where the fellas figured no point even stepping up, so they just observed from afar, well all except Emeka. I guess he felt like he had a thing to prove, so basically we had a dance off, and home boy can dance ooooo! After almost an hr of this, we were tired, and him and I decided to go chill in one of the booths and have a sip of bubbly. By 3am, I was so comfortable with him that I was actually ok with him holding my hand, and me leaning on his shoulder. He wanted to know if "he turned out to be everything I thought he would be", I told him, he was "kinda alright, not bad", to which we both laughed. I was being rather vague and flirty and loved the effect I had on him :) By the time my girls were ready to go, they had to literally drag me into the car because Emeka and I were saying our goodbyes outside for 30mins, the whole time he had me in an embrace. His eyes are the piercing kind, I felt uncomfortable with him being that close to me, and just talkin to me, it seemed like his eyes were inquiring into my soul, trying to take it all in, it was crazy. The whole time I was thinking "just kiss me, this is torture", but instead I just smiled, and gave 1 word answers to his many questions. My silly girls decided to honk the horn real loud, at which point he gave me a tight hug, and a big fat one on the lips. He told me to call him once we got back to the house which was a 30mins drive. I did, only to spend another hr on the phone, and we only got off because he had to be back in the hospital in 3hrs and needed to take a quick nap. I told him he was silly for letting me cut into his sleeping time since he had planned earlier on leaving the party early. He told me he had a wonderful time, and that he had to see me again.

So that was it, didnt see him Sunday since he was working, and havent talked to him much this week since we've both been extremely busy with work, and our wierd schedules. He left me a voicemail yesterday saying he really wanted to talk to me, and I plan on calling him tonight when I get off. I ran into Dr O in the hospital caf this morning, and he smiled and said, it sounds like i've a busy life, as I had been super incognito, and that maybe we can catch up soon. I told him yeah, stuff had been coming up, and that he knows my digits, so he can hit me up, I've Sunday off.

So thats where I am right now. Almost a week later, and I'm still basically trying to quench the fire Emeka lit last Sat! What do I say when I call? I must say the chemistry we had was insane, and he's such an eloquent handsome nerd, I like that!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm Naija now, dont blame me!!

I operate on NP time, shey u remember your parents taking you to Ngozi's 1pm birthday party at 7pm, sorry its inborn, so I'm only just updating this shege!

Aaaah this weekend was fire ooo, infact my right brain was telling my left "omoge u fine o", that even my blood vessels were sachayin their way through my body. It was that kind of good. So my sis and the crew got in Friday as soon as we can, and then the rest of them spent the next 3hrs tryng to get me ready for my date! Infact you would have thought I was going for Ms World contest the way the thing was shacking them. I think sis has alterior motives, E be like say Emeka don pad her pocket finish, or maybe both of them wan use me do 419. Actually I think its because she is looking for someone with her to move to this little town that her fiance and Emeka live in. Sha na so we do am, by the time he showed up, home girl was on point, all that remained was for me to carry my stethoscope, so that I can check his heart beat when he saw me. Me sef I was sort of scared, cause you know I had seen pics and heard from the grape vines that he was hot, but you know how some people too think Seal the singer is hot, so that term is very subjective. Sha the bobo was fine kai, and not just that, he was the 6'3 that he claimed to be! Infact as soon as I saw him through the peephole, I ran back into the bathroom, and had to put on a lil bit more sexy fragrance for goodluck! Plus he can dress o, you should have seen us together, we looked like we should be on the cover of something! So the date was great, got to catch up over dinner, and later on went to a live jazz club. My silly sister had asked him what time he would be bringing me back, and he said at a respectable hr, and can u imagine he took me home at 2am :( I mean I wasnt ready for the date to end, we hugged, and he gave me a peck on the lips (no tongue action my friends), he was a gentleman the whole way. Gave me a wink, a huge smile and said he'd see me later Sat at the party. I said "goodnight handsome", in my head of course abeg I've a rep to maintain, and realized that I needed to change outfits for tomorrow, because this one na fire!

Sat, we ran to the mall in the afternoon in search of a hot red dress, initially I had planned on wearing a sexy top and jeans for the party but Meckus calls for a hot red dress cause "there's fire on the mountain, run run run!!!" Found the perfect dress, even had my makeup done at the mall, hair full of loose bouncy curls, all ready to make my entrance at the shindig! Of course we were planning on going late, it was an exclusive affair, and we were already rolling in 6 FOINE girls deep so we planned on turning heads. Party started at 10pm, and was scheduled to run all night, we got there at 12:30am, only after we got the phone call that it was seriously packed by midnight. DJ was my sister's friend, so we had already told him to announce us once he saw us come in, and he did, it was crazy! See haters oooo, I love my naija people sha! Of course we walked in there like it was nothing, just smiling, and looking left to right. I spotted Emeka as soon as we came there, and he was standing with 3 other friends, of course I knew I had to acknowledge him, stroke his ego a little bit, especially since his friends were looking at me with eyes bigger than Obasanjo's own! So I walked over, smiled and gave him a hug, at which point he whispered, "You are looking gorgeous, beautiful". Now was the time for me to do my own "askoh" (remember that term?), so I said loudly for his friends to hear, "let me go say hello to folks, I'll catch up with you later", and walked away feling the intense heat rays and vibe from him. Every strut I took away from his side set off fireworks I tell you!

Dang ok, sorry my pager is going off, code blue in hospital, aaaah wahala tonight o, update later peeps

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2 more days!!

Yeahh I'm excited, went shopping, tried my clothes, I feel sooo sexy! Ladies you know that feeling when you know you look good, and you walk into a room and all eyes are on you, but you act like you dont notice, and just smile around, and look pretty...hehe that will be me all weekend! Yes o

Didnt call Dr O yet, he called again, I'll call tomorrow, and then let him know I'll be out of town this weekend, keep it brief. If he really wants to talk, I stay 10mins away! Haba its not that hard now abi?

Ok folks I'll be incognito till Monday after I come back to say all about my lovely weekend will go. Chemistry or not, I'm going to lay my charm, nothing to lose, he'll be having dreams of me in my heels and sexy dress even after I'm gone, charming smile, hair loose blowing in the wind as I'm struting my stuff! Omo its on!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Patience is a good thing

That I'm finally learning especially when dealing with men. Dr O called 3x my caller id shows, and left one looong message. Dude will have to come harder than that, I might return the call tomorrow depending on my mood.
So I called Emeka last night, didnt want to, didnt want to show any desperado moves abi my naija sistas. I ended up leaving a voicemail saying I was just calling to say hello, call me whenever. Then I start thinking wait, wasnt I the one who called him 2 nights ago, lol who's keeping track, prob not him, but can you blame me, I am feMALE after all! Within 5mins, my silly behind had decided that ok maybe he's asleep, but if he doesnt all me tomorrow, he can kiss us meeting up this weekend goodbye! Basically all it took was 5mins for me to crucify him, and all it took was an hr for him to call me back! I should have known he was out watching the football championship game, as my silly behind had it on when I called! Another big no no, females dont call a guy, especially when sporting events are on! I must say though a smile crept on my face, as he explained himself, dont you just love that, a guy who does that when he doesnt have to, if all men were like that life would be wonderful! Another plus, he called back late even though I knew surgery rounds in the hospital was 5hrs later, but he obviously thought my call was SO important that he could sacrifice time (albeit 4mins lol) instead of waiting till the next day! Mind you if he's doing this now and he hasnt met me. after I lay my charm down this weekend, I feel sorry for the bobo o!

Infact ladies I have to do a men 101, and list what has worked for me recently. Folks think the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach and food is good, but that isnt only it. Sure you are thinking open close for bedroom, but even that one sef go expire eventually abi? On a serious tip, I'm just saying personality goes a long way. Take for example the tone of your voice: never sound mad, even when you are unless its MAJOR kata kata. No man wants an environment wey go dey do am like Biafra war. Even if your akara is the best in town, if he knows he has to fight to get it, he'll stick to hamburger. If you create a place of peace and serenity, he'll keep coming back. Us women we like to open mouth too much sometimes sha, its ok to gossip with your girls, or say your problems, but remember men are "problem solvers". Dont always tell your man your problem because he'll try to solve it, you'll get mad at his suggestion, and he in turn will be mad that you arent taking his advice, and then right there wahala starts. Women on the other hand, we tell our friends stuff, and get the "eeyah" "ewooo, sorry"and "God dey" that we really want to hear. Realize men arent like that.

Also it amazes me how many Naija women are quick to ask the guy they are dating "how far" after 1 or 2 dates. Making everything seem like a business negotiation, no be like dat at all. You've to learn how to keep a happy, cheerful spirit, sound like an "air head" if you must, better than for him to feel like SSS is interrogating him. Instead of a "I've been trying to reach you, is it now that you are returning my call", give a "heey whats up! how you been, guess what I did today". It shows him that you have a life outside of him, and arent jumping every sec your phone rings, which we both know you are! Dont be as generous with your compliments especially in the initial stages, because he tells you that you are beautiful, doesnt mean you have to let him know he's handsome. Just throw a cute smile, and say thanks, and carry on. Have him fish deep in the Niger to try to figure out what he'll have to say to get you going. Every now and then say "oh you are such great guy" or "someone who makes plans and follows through, I like that" in response to some big plan he's talking about (shey u know naija men always have some big business plan or another, of course we are hoping its not odu related). Compliment him on the taste of his watch or his shoes or his gadgets. He'll think I think she kinda likes me, but isnt quite sure the extent of the like.

Sha more to come on this, remember this is for younger professional en, not Okonkwo the village headmaster, that one all you've to do is pound yam and correct vegetable, and say some "dahhlang" and "sweeerie", and he'll be in heaven. After this weekend, I'll post "how to woo a man in 1 weekend by just being "a lady" without serving cookies and milk!" lol but dis one na serious talk!
countdown till fri, Emeka isnt ready for the GREAt mess he's about to put himself in just yet!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

New dude :)

I know
I know
its been a week, way overdue!
actually writin this from my pocketpc in the hospital!
I promise a real update in the next day or so
For now though, ladies and men, kiss on the 1st date yes or no?
Guys, if you are really feeling a female, how do you know if its ok to kiss her or not? as in to make sure she isnt backing away, and you know your breath isnt funky!
Yeah so someone else is sort of in the mix now, luckily he's out of town. Takes my mind of Dr O for now. Its my sister's fiance's friend, and though we've spent the last like 10days talking on the phone, we're meeting up this weekend! Sister's fiance is having a bday party and so I'm flying in for it, so it should be rather interesting! I figure what the heck, never put all your eggs in 1 basket :) So introducing Emeka!
Yup he's a doctor, whats with me and all these doctors, I'd much prefer an engineer, I hear they are technical with their hands...I kid! lol
  • 33yrs (3 up on me, hmmm)
  • cardiothoracic surgeon (maybe he'll save my heart! lol)
  • Igbo (I havent dated Naija period in the past 3yrs, and already in a mth, 2 Igbo men, God dey o!)
  • Attractive
  • says he's 6'3, we know yall men lie, so he's prob 6'0, I'm 5'9, not ideal but alright, I can hang! lol
  • Charming personality
  • grew up here, spent couple yrs of high schl in Naija.
rest of stats will be updated after the trip!

Party is sat, but we're hanging out fri for sure, and of course I made sure to book a late sunday flight just in case! Dude sounds hella sexy on the phone, pics are on point, he has called me everyday for past 10days, esp when Dr O has been too busy for me! and my sis says I'll absolutely love him. Dr O has been confusing me lately so I've kinda chilled on him, I dont chase dudes sorry!

Hehe I'm excited!!
Pager is going off, gotta run!!