Monday, February 12, 2007

Brief update

I've been gone for eternity it seems, had too many personal issues to deal with and was to busy being a friend. I dont think Emeka and I will be in a relationship for a while if ever. Fate is cruel, Emeka lost his baby bro in a car accident while he was visiting Nigeria end of Jan! The boy was only 23yrs old, his right hand, his side kick, his ace. Seeing a grown man cry, cry as in shed tears, sobbing and shaking is something I've never really seen much of. Its completely depressing, I flew down to see him a few days ago and he looks like a completely different person. They lived together, and since their dad passed away when they were kids, he was like a big-brother/father figure. He left for Naija yesterday and I can only pray that God gives him strength, I cant imagine dealing with something like that.
So now that I've succeeded in dampening my spirits, I'll have to take a break and be back today or tomorrow with something better. Actually I need to talk about my brother and his version of Maury show "He is not the father" that also happened in Jan!