Saturday, May 12, 2007

I wanna be rich!

Ok ok ok we all want to be rich! As an American physician, I'm "comfortable" but its more than that. I think maybe its cause I'm Nigerian or maybe its that Igbo blood in me, and no its not 419 hustling, but legitimate business schemes, even if its Nnewi spare parts trading or Aba factory! I realize now that maybe my drive might be a little bit too much for some men. I relate better with my male friends and family members who arent settling for what society gives them, and who are working hard to make it happen on the side. I cant see myself with a husband who is content with just a paycheck, is that a bad thing? I mean even if my husband is a neurosurgeon making $800k from his private clinic, I dont think I would be completely happy. I would still feel that we have even more resources to do even more.

My last ex was a Dr and truth be told we would have been financially comfortable together but he lacked that drive. I had so many ideas and needed a man who could take them and run with it. I felt like I was wasting my time with him, my ideas included. I thrive off hearing men talk about their big plans, and offering input, bouncing ideas back and forth. I see my future husband and myself having a business empire on the side, able to use excess funds to help our people back home. I know it can happen, I just need a man who has that drive and loves what I have to offer. I dont care for a "readymade " situation, that takes away from the fun of it, but someone who wants to make it past what is given to them! My parents tell me that all the time, that if I end up with the right guy who thinks like that, in 5yrs we'll be unstoppable.

Is that asking too much, any guys want to offer input to that?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

You can have my kidney...

A close friend just told me "Naijaluv, you are an amazing friend, I love you, if you ever needed a kidney, I'd donate it to you". Guaranteed it was 2am, and she was drunk when she said this, I still found it touching, because I'd do likewise. It had me wondering of all the people I would willing donate a body organ to, at least one like a kidney, bone marrow and stuff, that wouldnt wipe away my existence. I have a vast list of family and friends to whom I'd happily live with 1 kidney to see survive if I turned out to be a good match. You can exist fully on 1 kidney, mortality rates are less than 0.1%, meaning your chance of undergoing any longterm damage is basically 0!

I'm also on the Bone Marrow Registry, so someday I might get an random call saying I'm a match to a stranger.

My question is would you donate, why/whynot and to whom?