Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amazing what happens in a matter of years

As I attempt to clean the cobwebs and kill spiders, I smile because of the impact of time on my life. In fact only thing I can say is "My God don bless me eh".

Ok let's see. Here's a quick update, for those who still stumble on here.
  1. Got married to an amazing man who loves me pass amala!
  2. Oh and yes he's Naija! God made it happen o! Igbo too, my papa's prayers were missiles!
  3. the Dougie came and went and I still cant fake it well.
  4. Grew closer to God. Matter of fact, dont jealous me sha, but He handed me a bunch of keys and its all cha-ching! All the way! Even in the midst of NEPA (abi PHCN), His emergency torchlight no dey fall my hand.
  5. I'm alive, my peeps are alive and I'm sitting with the King on top of mount Zion.
Oh Barrack na my president now. Ah you know I said it before, I am tooo mushhh! kai, I didnt realize God was giving me prophetic insight before, while I was too busy talking about Emeka and Dr O.

All jokes aside, if you read this, slap yourself as a sign that you are ALIVE!