Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Yr!

Hey there everyone, wishing you all the best 2007 has to offer in life, faith, God, finances, emotional and mental stability, and PEACE OF MIND!! So much to say, so little time, I'm working tonight New Years eve:( I guess sick folks dont like holidays! Dr O is off for a few days visiting fam, an ex stopped by unannounced 2days ago, my sister got proposed to, a patient died, another patient looks like they wont be making it, Saddam was executed, Barrack Obama became president. Oooh ok, I got a lil carried away on the last part! Well this 1st week of Jan is probably going to be one of my most difficult ones in a while, and Jan will be a crazy crazy schedule, but I'll have to touch on the stories I mentioned ASAP, or I'll go mad!! I need TLC, Dr O come back now!!!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

More Christmas update

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful blessed holiday, I'm still on a high from yesterday and cant seem to get myself to do anything. My sisters and cousins have been waiting for me all day, and at this point if I get there before 8pm, they should be happy. Dr O went back to work tonight, and what makes it worse is he's on call! In the case of taking surgery call, he's pretty much going to be in there for 30+hrs! Now what this means is that I wont hear from him till more than likely early Wed. Now I go back to work tomorrow, but what do I look like running to another dept to sneak a peek at him, it'll only mess me up for the rest of the day, and I need to stay focused for my patients **sigh**

So last night, we watched an old time classic, Coming to America, and we had a blast with it, we spent the whole movie, imitating everything, we were almost in tears by the time it was done, I've not had so much innocent fun in a loooong time, it was too cute!! If I thought any less of him in the past 3weeks since we officially met, it got wipped away, and even if nothing comes out of this, I'll be happy with the way last night went. I wish I had time to go into detail about that one date I mentioned, but it'll take me an hr so I'll summarize :) Basically he picked me up for a night of dinner, arcades and karaoke, and turns out this boy does have hidden talents! He used to be the lead singer of his church's choir (yup CHURCH...he's a GOOD boy...yesssssss) back in his late teen years, and he dedicated the song to me...awwwww. Then we took me home, thanked me for a lovely date, kissed my hand, gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and a nice bear hug. Can we say awwwwwww.

Ok well back to last night, by the time he left my place, it was 6am, and he had to be in at work at 3pm, so he went home to crash, told me he'd send me a text message later tonight, since he cant use the phone. I walked him to the door, and probably spent a min starring at each other, just holding hands, words unspoken just the endearing silence as our eyes connected and smiled at each other. Just when I couldnt take it any more, I blurted out "A penny for your thoughts", and he flashed a smile, with a dentition so perfect, I couldnt help grinning ear to ear, as he hugged me tight, and planted one on me!!! Yes we finally did kiss on the mouth ooooo. Those juicy lips set mine on fire, and I can still see the smoke coming from them till now!! See how that one kiss was making my body go gbiji gbiji like mumu!! Kai this is serious, worrrahelll is this, abi na jazz dis bobo dey use?? LOL of course not, but thats how I felt, I closed the door, and watched his car drive away from my window, and fell down to the couch, and stayed there till a few hrs ago.

Maybe I'm just not used to "good" guys, maybe I'm not used to someone genuinely liking you, maybe I'm just "man-deprieved", but whatever it is, I feel like I'm sooo gone! My phone is going off now, its a text message "hey cutie, hope ur smiling, just thinking of u, and I'm flashing a huge smile. A penny for your thoughts? hahahaha" Yes he sent me a text!!! So I'm responding back with a "hey handsome, where did u get that fantastic smile from :) " Yup I'm a flirt, my people would call me a natural born one, but this one is genuine sha, me likes :)

Someone pls tell me I'm not going crazy, its been only 3 weeks since I've known this guy, and only 2 weeks since we've had some for of daily communication, and I've only had 2 real dates with him, what is this? Like its not lust, I actually hope something will come out of this, and I want to take it slow and make sure it works out, have him chase me, have him WANT ME! Make him want me? Make him be "my personal Dr"lol but u get it right? 2007 looks very promising, maybe this Valentine's day I'll have a real Valentine, and not lousy gifts from exes that are buggaboos! Pray for me oooooo, I really want this to work out!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!! I think I'm in Like...

with a fine man by the name of Dr O. Yup yup, I think I'm in LIKE! lol no really, he's over now, and we spent Christmas eve together, and its been lovely, we cooked dinner together, ate, and just sat down and talked about our lives...too innocent, too cute, he didnt pull a move! Didnt try anything, instead he pulled me close at midnight, and kissed me on my forehead!! My forehead...kai, this naija man has style, and whispered, "Merry Christmas" in my ear. I almost melted, as in, you could have used me then to fry meat, my inside turned into mush, like butter o! I had to behave myself, and I'm still shaking inside. Infact I told him i had to email my cousin, and thats why I'm on here, but I had ot get away from him for a sec. We're about to watch a movie, and so I gotta run...

I thank God for the birth of Jesus Christ, I pray you take time to thank Him too
I thank Him for this man, I dont know what it is, or how he does it, but he's eating me away bit by bit, and I'm a tough cookie but this is serious!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just my luck!

Here I was all excited to talk about my date with Dr O, till a little incident happened last night while at work!! Of course lil fine man had to have a lil drama attached to his name, after all no be man again? lol Ok so its old news that nurses are overworked, understaffed and ready to snap, its also old news that most of the time, a lot of us have to beg to get them to attend to our patients. Plus I'm not a hot MALE Dr, it seems they keep running after their tails around here, maybe its the power, prestige and $$ factor. Fine and all, so there is this Naija female nurse on my floor, young female, she's prob 27max or something close. You know the typical light skinned Igbo chic, infact lets call her Nkiruka or Nikiru as she goes by here. Here I was thinking we could be "friends" as per the whole "my sista" Naija factor, so I would go out of my way to be nice and all that. In the past 3 weeks, na so this Nikiru has been doing one kind, I think I even caught her "eyeing" me sef last week. No qualms, you cant make everyone like you, but haba now! Ok I finally got the gist of the whole story last night! You see me and Kendra (another nurse) were having a lil woman-to-woman talk aka gossip last night, and basically Nikiru don open leg for Dr O before! Yup they have slept together in the past, basically she had fallen for him in the past, and he wasnt interested Eventually he took advantage of her for a few months, and had been avoiding her for the last few months, before I came in the picture. Now she has labeled me a "man snatcher". Kai, a whole me o! As if na me send am to dey dash milk anyhow!

I cant hate on Dr O, this happened before I came into the picture, but I will have to watch him from a distance, and I will have to be careful of this Nikiru chic, cause me I no like wahala at all. Momsie always says that men are wahala, and if you can deal with it, much props to you. I think I can handle this one, its not major drama afterall. Dr O and I havent got into the stage of really discussing old relationships in detail just yet, especially since I dont feel like teling him about Kunle, Raj, Emeka especially. Its much too fresh for that, besides that date was truly exceptional for a 1st date, and I'm seriously feeling the bobo now o. Plus its Dec, we're both here working for Christmas, and snow is in the forecast :) I'll talk about my romantic date in my next post!!

How much of a person's past do u consider when getting into something new. If the person cheated b4, and is now supposedly a new person, should that be an issue? how much should u tell about your exes to your new "potential"??

Saturday, December 16, 2006

This Dr O is kinda hot

I believe...
I'm starting to like Dr O, not that its hard to do considering he is a tall glass of butter pecan with whipped cream and cherry on top! Even if nothing comes out of this, I need to make sure we take a ton of pictures, so I can add him to my collection of foine azz men I've dated. His features are so well defined, from his pointed nose that I can imagine my lips will be gracing pretty soon. He has full eyebrows, and gosh those eyes, its almost like he's starring right thru me. My 6'3'' eye candy, well not quite mine, but thats the plan, make him mine but in a way that makes him feel I'm doing him a favor. Lets get this straight here, I do not chase... after the ball that is, I merely serve it back gracefully, batting my eyebrows and flashing a smile all the while.

I play games, I'll admit it, I think we all should in the initial stage of dating. It makes things a lot more interesting, and it gives you time to figure this person out. Take for example last night, Dr O wanted to go out for dinner and drinks, sounds great right? Yeah well except for the fact that he called me at 6pm, wanting to go out at 8pm...NO NO NO Even for his fine self, I will not bend my rules, you plan dates, and he knew I had the weekend off, because I told his foine self 5days ago, but he obviously didnt get the hint soon enough! So I declined his wonderful offer, and said I already had something planned, he sounded slightly disappointed, and asked about today, and I said I would be available. I asked him what he has planned, but he just said to "bring my pretty self out and leave the rest to him". So yup, I'm actually excited, you see now this is a planned date!

Ladies dont drop your standards and settle for less than you are worth. Ok so what if I lied, as it stands I did nothing last night, instead I went over to my lil sister's place, who had no problem kicking me out an hr later cause her silly bf was coming over. Lil sister is dipping her chocolate butt in vanilla these days, she claims they get excited by her exoticness, and are content with sucking her toes. Plus they arent as scared of the V word, not like "saint" Gbenga with his "baby make I open door small" comment. My poor lil sister is scared of naija men now, so I'm trying to bring her back to her roots. Now if I can get Dr O to bring me back to mine, with his foine Igbo self. I can picture our traditional wedding now, with his soft, lucious lips drinking the palm wine I present to him. Excuse me for gettin carried away but I've to admit this lonely ish is starting to get to me, especially when my cousin Ada whom I'm at least 4yrs older than just had baby #2. I need to get my oven heated, and start baking my cookies before NEPA takes light!! LMAO, but for real!

So no hospital call this weekend, no crazy parents, just a date with a "potential", so what should I wear, hmmm how much fire do I want to start??

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Naija man

Ok like any other naija woman (over the age of 20! lol), I'm confronted daily with the "have you found a man?" questions by friends, family, wellwishers AND haters :) So here I am 30, a doctor, and so you can imagine just how hard it is. I was in a long term relationship in college, and medical school never left me with any time to date. When I did go on date, I met a lot of crazy guys, and insecure ones, there were some nice ones, but they were much too nice, its no fun dating a guy who even thinks your farts are a gift from God...lets get real!

Now dont get me wrong, I dont want to get married today or tomorrow, but I want to be in a good relationship with a nice guy, who makes me all giggly, and who truly loves and respects me.

A few weeks ago, I realized that there were a good number of YOUNG, good-looking black men in my hospital. Dont ask me how, this building is 15floors, and they have all been hiding out in Surgery!! Now imagine my delight when I smiled at the cutie among them, with my teeth looking like I should be a Colgate brand! Imagine my surprise when I looked at his badge and it said "Obiora O" Naija man ooooo, plus he's Igbo oo, my parents will be so proud!!! especially after Ghanaian Kwaku I brought to dinner last time LOL So here I am, with her heart skipping a beat, trying to keep my composure with Dr O, as he extends a hand and a smile, and introduces himself. I thank God that I actually did something with my hair today, I was looking on point, and I know he noticed! Come to find out, he had gone to college with a couple of Nigerian friends of mine, and you know I used that to my advantage! A couple of phone calls later to them, and I got all the scoop i needed. I went from red to yellow to green light and now you can say yours truly and Dr O are "dating", "talking" or whatever. He's actually a nice guy, and his voice makes great bedtime talk, and its been exciting catching steal glances at me walking down the hallway, especially when those darn nurses keep starring...If only they knew! I'm still waiting for a bombshell though, for him to mention a child he had with some baby mama, or some ex drama. My naija sistahs scare me, and I no want wahala o. Its good to know say he has papers too, so no be say he wan use me becos of pali :)

So we'll see about Dr O...right now a sister is on call, and my little patients need to be checked.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The life and times of a Naija woman

I'm a 30yr old Naija woman trying to make it in the USA. I was Born in NYC, and raised in Europe and Lagos, Nigeria. A product of a broken home, with an Igbo father and a mother who is Igbo and Lebanese. I am also a pediatrician by profession and curently dating and taking applications.
Just the life and times of me, a Naija woman, some stuff that will be posted here has been twisted for sakes of remaining anonymous, you may call me Phantom.